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Linear Motion Potentiometers


Linear Motion Potentiometers are utilized in control and automation tasks to measure axial displacement (linear motion). Position and rate of movement are detectable. High quality components, precision machining and economy characterize all of our linear motion potentiometers. 


Linear Motion Potentiometers

Linear Motion Potentiometers operate on the principle of a linear resistive voltage divider, i.e. a wiper slides along a resistive track causing the output voltage of the wiper to be proportional to its position on the track. A variety of housings, mounting and couplings are available. Displacement ranges (stroke lengths) of 8mm to 2000mm can be economically measured.


A wide range of options are usually available for most potentiometer models. Shaft modifications, tighter tolerances, center tapping of the element, IP65+ configurations, non-standard resistance values, custom cabling and connectors and many other options exist to optimize the potentiometer to a given application.

Linear Motion Potentiometers

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